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McDonald’s Introduces The Frork, That’s Fork Made With Fries

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McDonald’s Introduces The Frork, That’s Fork Made With Fries

Today, there is a new way to enjoy your meals at McDonald’s. Why use a regular fork when you can experience the Frork?

The Frork is a new utensil that the fast food giant proudly refers to as “uselessly useful.” McDonald’s thought about coming up with the unique utensil after it realized their Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches pose one particular problem. It’s known as the “topping dropping.” As Anthony Sullivan claims, “When savoring this recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch.” After all, the sandwiches are loaded with flavors such as Pico Guacamole, Maple Bacon Dijon and Sweet Barbecue Bacon.

It may not be a real problem, but McDonald’s decided to solve it anyway.

McDonald’s believe the sauce on these gourmet sandwiches tend to drop as you bite along. (Sullivan admits it may not be a real problem but remarks, “We solved it anyway!) Well in case it does, McDonald’s says that their Frork can readily help you out. Since it’s a fork that got fries in the end, you can use it pick up any sauce that ended up on your plate in such a practical fashion. That’s because this Frork allows you to pick up any sauce left on the plate so that nothing gets wasted when you enjoy your sandwich. It may not be the most practical invention but McDonald’s is sticking to it anyway.

“Did the world need this? Nope. Does it work? Kind of… ?” the fast food giant remarked. McDonald’s also promises that their brand new Frork is “easy-ish to use.” First, you have to pinch the end that holds the fries so that it opens up enough. After that, you can proceed to stuff it with some fries. Take note that the Frork can only accommodate three pieces of fries at a time. Once the fries are secured in place, you can finally be able to use your Frork.

To get your own Frork, all you have to do is purchase a Signature Crafted Sandwich and the Frork comes free. Hurry up though, this utensil will only be available while supplies last till May 5.

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