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McDonald’s Introduces A Cherry Blossom Float And It’s Pretty In Pink

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McDonald’s Introduces A Cherry Blossom Float And It’s Pretty In Pink

Japan is turning pink this time of year and so is McDonald’s.

The popular fast food chain is celebrating the return of cherry blossoms throughout Japan with a drink that so pretty in blush pink. Recently McDonald’s in Japan introduced a unique, seasonal drink known among many as the Sakura float.

In McDonald’s Japan’s menu, however, it is known as the McFloat Sakuranbo. To concoct this beverage, McDonald’s uses popular Satonishiki cherries. Grown in Tohoku region’s Yamagata Prefecture, these cherries are loved by many. In fact, some have come to refer to it as “the king of cherries.”

According to a report from Rocket News 24, McDonald’s special Sakura float is made with one percent of Satonishiki juice. And to finish it up, the drink gets topped with generous serving of McDonald’s soft serve vanilla ice cream. Today, people can readily order this drink for 310 yen (approximately $2.83). It’s a perfect drink to enjoy while you’re out and about enjoying spring weather in Japan.

You can have Sakura fries with any of your Sakura drinks.

On the other hand, those who are not able to tolerate dairy have another Sakura drink option in McDonald’s Japan. This one is known as the McFizz Sakuranbo. It is a refreshingly fizzy drink that is also made with the well loved Satonishiki juice. You can order yourself a cup of McFizz Sakuranbo for 250 yen (approximately $2.20).

At the same time, a report from Japan Crate reveals that McDonald’s is also currently serving some Sakura Shrimp fries. Every order of fries with a Sakura Shrimp packet. Once you open it, pour all of the contents into your bag of fries before shaking them together. This way, you are sure to taste McDonald’s Sakura goodness in every bite.

McDonald’s in Japan has long been known to take cherry blossom season seriously. In fact, it has come up with other creative Sakura offerings in the past. Back in 2014, Kotaku reported that McDonald’s proudly introduced a Cherry Blossom Burger. It was a teriyaki egg burger that was made more special with a special sakura sauce. The said sauce is reportedly mayo that is mixed with Japanese radish spread. Moreover, McDonald’s had also served this Sakura burger with a blush pink bun. It is unclear if McDonald’s will be serving the Sakura burger again.

🌸 Sakura McFloat 🌸 It's like a shirley temple but with ice cream and sooooo much better! 😍❤ 📍McDonald's | Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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Sakura cherry drink from McDonald's Japan🌸🍒 #mcdonaldsjapan #sakura #HungryTrendyTokyo

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I don't usually post about foods and drinks but this sakura Mcfizz is just too cute! 🌸🍷 #Japan #Sakura #mcfizz #sakurasisters

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McDonalds in Japan tho… 💕🌸👅💖

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