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Mavericks Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Keen On Jeremy Lin

Mavericks Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Keen On Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin Keith Allison/Flickrcc by 2.0


Mavericks Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Keen On Jeremy Lin

The Dallas Mavericks are showing keen interest on free agent Jeremy Lin.

The Mavericks have limited resources to offer to Lin, but the player is considering to sign for them even though the point-guard can likely make more money elsewhere, according to league sources.

Mavericks’ forward Chandler Parsons, who played a key role in signing DeAndre Jordan, the richest free agent score in franchise’s history, has close relationship with Jeremy Lin too since their days together in Houston Rockets.

Rumors are growing louder that the Mavericks are closing in on the point-guard, after free agents Monta Ellis left for Indiana Pacers and Rajon Rondo for Sacramento Kings. They allowed them to go to create salary space for landing Wes Matthews and Jordan. Now Lin is Mavericks’ top free-agent priority as Dallas needs a starting point-guard.

The Mavericks are also close to striking a deal to re-sign veteran guard J.J Barea.

To create a salary slot of $2.6 million, Dallas could waive-and-stretch Raymond Felton’s contract. The Rockets traded Lin off to the Los Angeles Lakers last season.


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