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Matthew Perry Disses ‘Friends’ Reunion? ‘It’s Not A Real Reunion!’

Matthew Perry Disses ‘Friends’ Reunion? ‘It’s Not A Real Reunion!’
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Matthew Perry Disses ‘Friends’ Reunion? ‘It’s Not A Real Reunion!’

Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing on the television sitcom “Friends,” was the only cast member not around during the mini “Friends” reunion, or the NBC tribute to sitcom director James Burrows. He said, though, that he is not disappointed he was not able to attend since it was not a real reunion anyway.

Fans of the television sitcom have wildly irrational reactions when Perry didn’t attend. Fans were disappointed to see only David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

In an interview with AOL Build, the actor shared why he was not at the sitcom’s reunion and whether he, too, was sad about it. “Not really, because their gathering really wasn’t a reunion,” he said.

“It was just six people getting together for director Jim Burrows. It wasn’t really a reunion. And I couldn’t do it for the reason that I was in London doing my play,” he added.

However, Toronto Sun reported that even if Perry was not around, the “Friends”’ cast members were able to please the sitcom’s fans of all ages. Despite the fact the American sitcom ended 12 years ago, the cast’s popularity still hasn’t declined.

Matthew acknowledged the sitcom’s popularity and said it’s truly remarkable. “Netflix did it, a lot of kids are watching and wondering why I look so old,” he said.

As for the his career, Matthew has too hectic a schedule to return on a multi-cam sitcom. Perry is pre-occupied with his play “The End of Longing,” The actor is also part of the CBS show “The Odd Couple” with American actor and comedian, Thomas Lennon.

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