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Matthew Beth: ISU Student Avoids Police, Falls From Rooftop Headfirst

Matthew Beth: ISU Student Avoids Police, Falls From Rooftop Headfirst
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Matthew Beth: ISU Student Avoids Police, Falls From Rooftop Headfirst

Matthew Beth, a senior Kinesiology and health student from Iowa State University, tried to avoid police confrontation but ended up in a hospital after falling from the roof of a sorority house on Saturday.

Beth was allegedly having a good time on the rooftop of sorority house Delta Delta Delta. But the crowd on the rooftop drew attention of the residents around the area, prompting them to call local authorities, the Iowa Daily reported.

After receiving the reports, the Ames Police Department dispatched some of its men to the area to check the veracity of the report. But when people on the rooftop noticed the responding officers, all of them ran to different directions.

Beth thought that jumping from the rooftop would be the best choice. But it was a terrible choice, as he landed headfirst. The report showed that the victim sustained severe head injuries and is now in critical condition at the Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.

“Officers arrived on scene and began climbing the fire escape to engage those on the roof, when they heard a noise around the side of the house. Officers went to investigate, and found Beth had fallen from the roof,” the ISU official publication reads.

Police authorities believed that Beth jumped from the rooftop to escape the responding authorities. As it turned out, he miscalculated and ended up in a bad shape. Matthew is still under observation after sustaining serious head injuries as of Tuesday.

The ISU is a state-run science and research university located in Ames, Iowa. It is home to more than 100 majors. It is located in a vast 1,900 acres land in the heart of Ames.

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