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Matthew Apperson Shot George Zimmerman In Self-defense, Says Attorney

Matthew Apperson Shot George Zimmerman In Self-defense, Says Attorney
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Matthew Apperson Shot George Zimmerman In Self-defense, Says Attorney

Matthew Apperson has claimed he shot George Zimmerman to defend himself.

Apperson’s lawyer attorney Mark NeJame spoke to reporters on Tuesday and clarified the stand of his client saying the shooting was an act of self-defense.

“He simply maintained that he acted in self-defense,” attorney Mark NeJame said on WFTV. “We see everything to suggest that that is correct.”

The excuse made by Apperson is almost similar to George Zimmerman, who after brutally shooting teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 claimed it was an act of self-defense.

Zimmerman’s attorney Don West claimed that George narrowly escaped a fatal death. The bullet narrowly missed his head. On Sunday, Apperson apparently shot Zimmerman, and the bullet struck the windshield of the car, spreading debris and glass pieces all over George’s face.

“His injuries would be considered minor,” West said. “The bullet missed his head. I think it broke a window and lodged in his vehicle.”

Zimmerman did not fired back; instead, he called a local officer to inform about the shooting. At the same time, Apperson called 911.

“George absolutely denies having shown it, waved, displayed, pointed it,” West said regarding Zimmerman’s gun.

However, Apperson refused to comment on the issue. Witnesses were examined to know who was on the wrong side. Kenneth Cornell, a witness of the incident, said that Apperson approached him and asked him to call 911 right after the shooting.

“I was coming back from lunch and a guy was screaming out his window, ‘Please call 911. Please call 911,'” Cornell said. “He’s like, ‘I shot George Zimmerman. Please call 911. I need someone to call.'”

“He said this is the third incident. They’ve been going back and forth for the last three months.”

Zimmerman was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital. After being treated for injuries, he was discharged soon.

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