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It Matters How Often You Wash Your Bras, Find Out!

It Matters How Often You Wash Your Bras, Find Out!
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It Matters How Often You Wash Your Bras, Find Out!

How often do you wash your bras? It seems a simple question, but did you know how women give varying answers to this question?

A recent blog post claimed that you only need to wash your bras not less than once a month. Now, this suggestion raised a lot of eyebrows among readers and they took it to social media to compare responses.

“A normal amount of time to wear a single bra without washing it, I have determined by consulting myself and other women about their habits, is a week or two. Since most women own more than one bra, that means a normal woman might wash her bras once a month, or even less often,” L.V. Anderson wrote.

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Anderson took a personal poll among her friends, women she knows at work, and around the neighborhood. With 200 respondents, she noted the major responses and time frame regarding bra laundry.

She found that 82 percent own about five bras in their wardrobe which they use in rotation. Another 47 percent had three or lower. Anderson admitted that she has about two bras for regular use.

She observed that if one washes their bra every after use, then it would mean that they would do laundry every day. Do you wash your laundry every day? If yes, Anderson would have thought that you had a lot of time in your hands to do that.

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If you hand-wash your bra after every use, then Anderson imagined that you would be one of those women who can manage to hand-wash with efficiency,

She further noted that reducing the frequency of washing has a good reason.

“And there’s good rationale for this, since washing bras stretches them out and takes them ever closer to being limp, graying underthings that provide no lift or support whatsoever. By washing them as infrequently as possible, we are actually extending the life of our bras”, she added.

Bras can be really expensive. How do you keep them clean? Do you agree with Anderson’s article?

Share your comments below.

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