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Matt Damon Kids Denied: Private School Mocks Celebrity Status?

Matt Damon Kids Denied: Private School Mocks Celebrity Status?
Matt Damon at TIFF 2015 Peter Kudlacz / Flickr CC

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Matt Damon Kids Denied: Private School Mocks Celebrity Status?

Matt Damon may be popular, but his popularity seemed to have no bearing after his children were allegedly denied by a prestigious school in Brooklyn.

With the 45-year-old actor’s decision to move to New York, it is expected that he would uproot his entire family from Los Angeles.

Considering this scenario, he needs a school where his three daughters can transfer to.

Apparently, his school of choice appeared to be not keen to extend a helping hand.

According to Page Six, St. Ann, an exclusive school, is not bent on accepting Matt Damon’s children – 10-year-old Isabella, seven-year-old Gia, and five-year-old Stella – since classes for the following school year is already “fully-booked.”

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“They had a conversation with the school, but St. Ann’s just won’t bend the rules,” an insider relayed to the media outlet. “They don’t care [who the parents of its students are]. A lot of schools will bend the rules very happily; they’ll bring celebrities’ kids in midway through the year or do whatever they want. St. Ann’s just isn’t doing it.”

Among the famous alumni of the highly-reputable school in Brooklyn are Lena Dunham, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jemima Kirke and Zac Posen.

In the meantime, Entertainment Weekly reported that Matt Damon is set to star in a Chinese project called “The Great Wall,” which is said to be the most expensive movie that the country has ever produced.

While he is white and the film is Asian, some rumors reportedly suggested that there could be “whitewashing.”

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Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou finally came out and explained the American actor’s character in “The Great Wall.”

“Our film is not about the construction of the Great Wall,” the acclaimed director pointed out. “Matt Damon is not playing a role that was originally conceived for a Chinese actor. The arrival of his character in our story is an important plot point. There are five major heroes in our story and he is one of them — the other four are all Chinese.”

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