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Matt Damon Doppelganger: ‘Martian Star’ A Time Traveler And A Vampire – REPORT

Matt Damon Doppelganger: ‘Martian Star’ A Time Traveler And A Vampire – REPORT
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Matt Damon Doppelganger: ‘Martian Star’ A Time Traveler And A Vampire – REPORT

On a normal day in Reddit, a discussion website for the most random of things, a user with alias “coffeeandtrout” shared a nostalgic picture of his parents’ wedding day- it symbolized how that day was a perfect one through the couple’s sweet smile and look of love. The photo was taken 1961 which was about 55 years ago. However, instead of dwelling on the precious memory that the couple cherished together years ago, it was the groom’s face that is noticed. Coffeeandtrout’s dad has an uncanny resemblance with Matt Damon. Does this make him a time traveler? Or coffeeandtrout’s reincarnated Dad?

“My parents Wedding day, February 1961. I think Dad looks like Matt Damon…” this was the caption of the picture and users actually agree on this by expressing their amazement in the comments section.

The comment with most likes is from ‘GoingBackToKPax’ saying, “I actually thought it was Matt Damon before I read what went with the photo.” Another commenter, ‘MetalLegz’, said, “He’s smiling like he knows he’s Matt Damon.” Reddit users seem to be so convinced with the groom as Matt Damon’s doppelganger.

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Popular artists who almost have the same face as some of the people from the past are labeled as time travelers, according to a report from Express. The strange likeness of a number of famous faces and their historical twins have been baffling people with lots of unbelievable conspiracies. These cases are often called as time travel, immortalized and reincarnation.

Believers of this theory would compare a picture of the artist with an old photo which looks exactly as him beside. Just like how John Travolta and Nicolas Cage were compared to people who lived a decade ago. Other ‘eerie’ artists who have been ‘time traveling’ are John Kransinski, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Black, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCarpio, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, according to a report from Smosh. And the newest member of the roster is Matt Damon.

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