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Massive Leak Describes Complete iPad Air 2 Specs?

Massive Leak Describes Complete iPad Air 2 Specs?


Massive Leak Describes Complete iPad Air 2 Specs?

Massive Leak Describes Complete iPad Air 2 Specs?Earlier today, a report has been going the rounds saying that some quarters (who would stay anonymous) were able to get their hands on actual schematic drawings and illustrations of Apple’s next generation iPad Air 2 which is scheduled to be unveiled this coming October during Apple’s media affair; together with the new iPad Minis and the 27-Inch Retina display iMac.

The report continues that the drawings were handed to their researchers by their resources within the Cupertino company itself and have verified that the drawings and illustrations were legitimate.  There is no mention as to how their researchers ascertained this information and unfortunately, these alleged drawings and illustrations were not published by the said report thus the veracity of claim cannot be confirmed.

It also appears that the report itself is just a compilation of other already known rumors about what specs the next iPad Air could have and these include the following:  the new A8 processors which also power the company’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; the TouchID Fingerprint Sensor; and the thinner and fully laminated Retina display.

The report goes on about very subtle changes regarding the new iPad Air’s bezel which, it says, is almost identical to the existing line. It does note that the new iPad Air will sport a single row grill speaker instead of two with the holes drilled to be a tad larger than the currently existing ones.  If you have seen the speakers on the new iPhones then the report said the new iPad Air will have exactly the same hole size.  Peculiar it may seem, the article added that the mute/vibration switch will no longer exist in the iPad Air saying that the engineers at Apple has gotten rid of it to make the iDevice even thinner. Volume controls on the iPad Air would also be a bit recessed to make them flushed with the gadget’s body.  Another change the report mentioned is the relocation of the microphones on the new iPad Air – one can be found on the right side, next to the back camera while the other one is on the other side (the left) of the device. Lastly, a gold color could be Apple to the iPad Air, aside from the usual black and silver.

Apple fans have already heard what the report called “exclusives” which prompts the question “what else is new?”

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