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Massacre Of Prince Charles And Camilla Foiled By Irish Police

Massacre Of Prince Charles And Camilla Foiled By Irish Police
Prince Charles and Camilla Share A Laugh Andy Gott / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Massacre Of Prince Charles And Camilla Foiled By Irish Police

Police in the Irish Republic have foiled a massacre aimed at Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. The IRA terrorists are said to have conspired to install bombs along the route of Prince Charles and Camilla when they tour Ireland on May 19. According to sources, the plot was staged in a way that Prince Charles and Camilla would not be able to escape death.

If all went as planned, Prince Charles and Camilla would’ve been killed

The Irish police discovered more bombs and heavy weapons in Louth, Wexford and Dublin.

“These were serious bombs. It’s not as if these were two criminal gangs wanting to blow the exhausts of each other’s cars. These were the real deal. They had the ability to maim and kill within a massive radius. They were going to be used as car bombs which were to be dotted along the route the royals were expected to take,” an anonymous source told The Mirror.

The source said that the plot to kill Prince Charles and Camilla was hatched by IRA terrorists. The failed massacre was aimed at intimidating the royals and the British people, the source said.

“There were plans to set off a number of bombs along the roads Charles and his wife were supposed to take. They were also going to be set off in other areas across the country as a decoy distraction technique to make the Brits think an attack was coming. If all went to plan, you’d have to say their main intent was to kill,” the source told The Mirror.

Two suspects detained

A spokesman for the Irish Garda said two males in their 20’s were already arrested in connection to the bomb plot against Prince Charles and Camilla. The suspects are currently detained under the provisions that constitute offenses against the state.

Nevertheless, justice minister Frances Fitzgerald said Prince Charles and Camilla will have strict security during their tour of Ireland on May 19. She said she will make sure that Prince Charles will have a very positive visit. The foiled attack clearly demonstrates that the Irish police are alert for any security issues and will deal with any attack that will arise, Fitzgerald said.


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