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‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Release Date Leaked: New Triple-A Xbox One, PS4, PC Arriving Soon

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Release Date Leaked: New Triple-A Xbox One, PS4, PC Arriving Soon
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‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Release Date Leaked: New Triple-A Xbox One, PS4, PC Arriving Soon

Multiple sources have reported that Mass Effect Andromeda will release in Q1 2017. Thanks to a recent online leak, fans now have an idea when the game will actually hit the market.

The next installment in the hugely-popular action RPG franchise will come with a companion art book entitled The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Its release date was revealed just this week.

According to a product listing on Amazon, the hardcover collectible will be available on March 21, 2017. The description further stated that the art book will launch simultaneously with Mass Effect Andromeda.

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It’s worth mentioning that March 21, 2017 falls on a Tuesday, a usual release day for most games in the US. Hotly-anticipated titles like NBA2K17, Quantum Break and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launched on a Tuesday earlier this year.

Neither BioWare nor Electronic Arts have commented on the leak. Fans will probably know more about Mass Effect Andromeda next month. BioWare’s annual celebration of its Mass Effect franchise will be held on November 7.

A Reddit user who claimed to have participated in an official Mass Effect Andromeda survey stated that the game will feature a new protagonists named Ryder, a novice pathfinder sent to explore the Andromeda Galaxy’s Helius Cluster to find a suitable planet for humanity.

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BioWare’s design and art chief Alistair McNally confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will be the best and largest in the series. The game will reportedly include a multiplayer element. The online mode necessitates for a wider game scope and more in-game features.

Developers reiterated that Mass Effect Andromeda will play similar to Mass Effect 3. New elements make the game more dynamic, but not too far-removed from what fans have come to know and love.

“We knew we wanted to start with a foundation composed of the best parts of any Mass Effect game: exciting new worlds to discover, great characters, and intense action,” BioWare explained on its official blog site. “At the same time, we clearly wanted to expand the definition of what you should expect from a Mass Effect game.”

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