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‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Cast, Plot And Facts To Know

‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Cast, Plot And Facts To Know
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‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Cast, Plot And Facts To Know

Quake and Ghost rider are coming! Want to find out who they are? Tune in to “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” Season 4!

“Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” is not what you remember from Season 3. Everything is changing and with a number of new faces introduced this season, the action will get bigger, better and darker.

Here is what we know of the storyline so far:

Season 4 Plot

SHIELD has come out of the hiding and has been reinstalled to its former status since Hydra has been permanently eliminated from the earth, but under a new director since Director Coulson is now dead to the public, reports Coming Soon.

Coulson has been demoted to an agent and has paired up with Mac to track down Inhumans all across the globe, starting with Mack, starting with Daisy.

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However, the task is not going to be as easy as it sounds because Daisy has vowed to atone for her sins, and that includes not working with SHIELD ever again. She has gone rogue and operates under the name “Quake”, which in all probability might become her superhero alias in the long run.

Coulson’s job of finding and taking Daisy in will be further complicated by the fact that the new director of SHIELD believes that Daisy is the same person who has been conducting terrorist acts such as bringing down bridges and breaking into banks and hence want her arrested or killed.

The lives of other SHIELD members change too. May is tasked with training strike forces with special capabilities. Fitz and Simmons do manage to make progress in their personal relationships but their professional life creates distrust between them when Simmons is made the special Advisor to the new Director.

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Since the rest of the team do not really like the new director, they refrain from confiding to her, lest she reveals it all to her new boss.

Marvel’s Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider will be getting a major role in “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” Season 4, but it will differ a lot from the character that was played by Nicolas Cage in two blockbuster hit movies. Everything starting with the name, back story to the ride is completely different.

This time, Robbie Reyes turns into the ghost rider instead of Johnny Blaze. He has a disabled little brother, Gabe, and everything he does is to take care of him. In this effort, he enters illegal street racing and during one of the races loses control and end up dying.

However, he is resurrected by Eli, which initially seems to be a spirit of Zarathos, a demon, but is actually the evil spirit of a Satanist serial killer, who just wants to take hold of Robbie’s body and kill everyone regardless of whether the person is good or bad, reports io9.

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Robbie also drives a fiery car instead of Ghost Rider’s signature muscle bike that we are used to seeing Nicolas Cage ride in the movies.

Since the promo of both Quake and the Ghost Rider has similar undertones of vengeance, there is a possibility that they would consider working together. Also, with Daisy’s ex-lover and the then boyfriend both perishing together in the finale of last season, there is certainly an opening for a man to enter her life!

“Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” Season 4 premieres on September 20, only on ABC.

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