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Marvel ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – 5 Things You Should Know

Marvel ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – 5 Things You Should Know
Magneto from X-Men: Apocalypse / 20th Century Fox


Marvel ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – 5 Things You Should Know

Marvel’s X-Men: Apocalypse hit theaters last Friday in the U.S. The movie was expected to gain momentum among audience and eventually reach the top spot of the charts. However, X-Men: Apocalypse received mixed mediocre reviews from fans and critics.

Before we drown in disappointment, the announcements below might be what an X-Men fan would need to cheer up and look past the failure. After all, the movie’s negative reviews are pebbles compared to DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

X-Men: Apocalypse grosses $80 million at box office

During its initial release in regions like the UK, India and the Philippines, X-Men: Apocalypse managed to earn first place by garnering a total of $103.3 million throughout 20,596 screens. Adding to that, Comic Book Movie confirmed that the movie has hit the mark of $80 million on the fourth day of its release.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Chris Aronson, Fox Chief domestic distributor, who said, “We’re very happy with this result as we introduce new characters in the X-Men universe, and for us to be at this number globally already means we’re in good shape.”

Olivia Munn as Psylocke could fight beside Deadpool


After the death of Apocalypse, it was evident that Storm chooses to stay with the X-Men, but what happens to Psylocke, who absconds the scene? Can we expect her in the next X-Men movie, perhaps sooner? Thanks to USA Today, we got to know Olivia Munn’s interest in the X-Force movie and star beside Ryan Reynolds, who will reprise his role as Deadpool.

“That would be a really cool thing to do. What he did with Deadpool was genius and I’m so excited for him. It would definitely be cool to see Deadpool and some of the other X-Men characters gather for an X-Force movie. I think that’s what the whole world is coming to — everybody unites together, right? It’s never just one character anymore. We all become one movie.”

Deleted scene featuring featuring Jubilee and more in Blu-ray and DVD

The studio unfortunately decided to delete a mall scene that involves Scott, Jean, Nighcrawler, and Jubilee. The producer also said the scene was hilarious; however, as the movie needed to save screen time, they’d have to remove the scene that features Jubilee, played by Lana Condor. Click here to catch a glimpse of it.

As usual, the scenes will be available Blu-ray and DVD. You can catch Nighcrawler have a face-off against breakdancers in the mall.

The making of Quicksilver’s jawdropping scene in the mansion

The X-Men fanbase was amazed to witness Quicksilver in action during the prison break in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But the studio took it up to the next level in X-Men Apocalypse, dedicating nearly 10 minute of screen time for the blast save sequence in the mansion. According to Collider’s interview with Evan Peters, the scene took the studio 30 days to shoot it.

NSFW version of X-Men Apocalypse, thanks to WIRED

The action sequence throughout the movie wasn’t graphic due to its PG-13 audience. But what if Fox had decided to take the movie along the same line as Deadpool? Well, we believe it might be close to something like this (see below). However, it is a parody and not the real thing. Don’t expect an R-rated release in Blue-ray.

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