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Marvel Loses Channing Tatum To DC, ‘Gambit’ Movie Faces Heat

Marvel Loses Channing Tatum To DC, ‘Gambit’ Movie Faces Heat
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Marvel Loses Channing Tatum To DC, ‘Gambit’ Movie Faces Heat

A recent finding is starting to suggest that Marvel would probably lose Channing Tatum to DC. While fans could say it’s highly unlikely, judging by previous predictions, reports point out that Marvel may need to start looking for a new actor to take on the role of Gambit.

Gambit movie delayed as initial director backs out

DC’s plans for The Flash went back on track when director Rick Famuyiwa confirmed that he will be directing the movie about the “fastest man alive.” While most fans learned about the news through official confirmation, Batman News hinted that Famuyiwa might have landed himself a job in DC, judging by his Twitter activity in a May 28 report.

While we certainly know that fans would considered this a long shot, a recent follow-up by Batman News said that Famuyiwa followed a few more Twitter accounts. Names like Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, Mark Waid, and Ray Fisher were among his recent follows. But that’s not all. Channing Tatum was one of them.

More news suggest that we should find by this Twitter activity suspicious, as Batman News also shared the current crisis of Marvel’s Gambit. The movie was reported to have lost its director, facing multiple delays in production. The report went on to share the speculation that Tatum plans to back out of his role as Gambit.

If you’re a fan of The Flash TV show, you probably wish Ezra Miller to take action like Tatum. Neither Rick nor DC has shared views on this on Twitter as of now.

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