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Marvel: God of Thunder Picks Up New Mjolnir In Unworthy Thor, Cover Released

Marvel: God of Thunder Picks Up New Mjolnir In Unworthy Thor, Cover Released
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Marvel: God of Thunder Picks Up New Mjolnir In Unworthy Thor, Cover Released

When Marvel decided to deem our God of Thunder unworthy to wield Mjolnir and be called as Thor, it was certainly a sad moment for comic readers. Since then, Jane Foster has been wielding the hammer as the female Thor.

Finally, it looks like the creators have decided to throw the limelight on our Asgardian as well. The days of our former Thor using his old Jarnbjorn might finally be over.  The Asgardian could once again rise as the God of Thunder wielding another Mjolnir in a new series called The Unworthy Thor.

The news was announced through io9, as The Unworthy Thor new series was confirmed by writer Jason Aaron. Below, you can take a look at the cover of the first issue. The image reveals Thor reaching to pick up Mjolnir in the deserted old Asgard while holding his Jarnbjorn ax.

Dr. Jane Foster, the current mighty Thor is battling her breast cancer in the comics. Could it possible that the events are connected? During Aaron’s interview, he also said that “This was always kind of the plan. These (Jane and Former Thor) characters have been set on very specific paths. It will take them apart sometimes, other times, they will come smashing back together.”

As Aaron came close to concluding his interview, he confirmed that there are no major story alterations in the new series. So, it looks like fans can take a deep breath and read the upcoming new issue at ease.

Fans can expect both female and male Thor to be holding their Mjolnir in their upcoming issues. Marvel fans can also expect The Unworthy Thor, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Olivier Coipel to release in October.

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