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Marvel Comics Reveals Iron Man Defeated By Captain Marvel In ‘Civil War II’ Cover

Marvel Comics Reveals Iron Man Defeated By Captain Marvel In ‘Civil War II’ Cover
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Marvel Comics Reveals Iron Man Defeated By Captain Marvel In ‘Civil War II’ Cover

Marvel fans have been on their toes waiting for the release of Civil War II. As issue #3 is just a week away, there has been speculation about a character’s inevitable death in the comics. But it looks like the creators wanted to give us a deeper look into the future, rather than the events in the #3.

The battle between Captain Marvel and Iron Man seems to have been determined by Marvel Comics. Basing on the image below, it looks like Tony Stark might not stand a chance against Carol Danvers.

Earlier today, Comic Book Resources got their hands on the cover of Civil War II Issue #7. It features Captain Marvel dominantly holding the defeated Iron Man, facing the sky. However, it’s too early to judge a comic book by its cover.

The main cover was illustrated by Marko Djurdjevic. The variant cover illustrated by Michael Cho is titled “The Rematch of the Century.” The hype is a gripping turn of events. While fans were busy speculating about issue 3, the publishers seems to have orchestrated a promotional stunt to involve the Marvel community in conversations in the internet till its release.

While the image reveals Iron Man in an exhausted or unconscious state, it could easily be one of his unmanned suits. After Marvel’s disappointing reveal involving Captain America as a Hydra agent, we’d suggest waiting till October to grab issue #7.

For now, fans can check out two new illustrations. Civil War II issue #3 will be out on July 13.

In other news, concept artist Nizzi revealed a set of never-before-seen designs of Ultron and Iron man in Hulkbuster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Click here to check it out.

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