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Marvel Comics Attacks Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Again In Recent Issue

Marvel Comics Attacks Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Again In Recent Issue
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Marvel Comics Attacks Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Again In Recent Issue

It looks like Marvel Comics is trying to pick a fight with DCEU. Lately, the publishers have been making references of “Batman v Superman” in their recent issues. However, it hasn’t been a friendly mention.

Earlier in November, Marvel’s “Uncanny X-Men Annual #1” took a jab at “Batman v Superman”. A dialogue exchange between the two characters in the issue mocked a dramatic scene which involves the word “MARTHA” in Zack Snyder’s film.

Marvel Comics uses Wolverine Comics to attack ‘Batman v Superman’.

Recently, Marvel Comics made another reference to DCEU’s “Batman v Superman”. The “Old Man Logan #14” issue revealed a mocking mention of the DC film.

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In the last page of the comic, Dracula bite Logan’s neck in an intense moment.  But the scenario soon changed when Marvel fans read the line below the page “NEXT: OLD MAN LOGAN vs DRACULA: DAWN OF JUSTICE!”

While this doesn’t seem to be an attack like its previous mentions, it looks like Marvel Comics is trying to get a reply back from DCEU/DC Comics as well. Fans can check out the photo at Comic Book.

Marvel Comics Has Jabbed DCEU Before In Previous Issues?

Earlier in June, Marvel Comics attacked DCEU’s “Batman v Superman”, suggesting it to be a boring film. The reference was made through poster illustrated inside the comic page of “Spider-Man/Deadpool issue #6. Fans can check it out on Batman News.

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DC Comics has also made the “Martha” reference from “Batman v Superman” in its recent issues. Furthermore, the publishers have mocked as well acclaimed the DC film.

In DC Comics’ “Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harley’s #6”, the variant cover mocks the movie’s Martha reference. Fans can check it out here. However, DC Rebirth references have also embraced its DCEU characters like Man of Steel as well.

“Old Man Logan #14” is currently out in stores for purchase. Fans interested in checking out the reference can purchase the comic and check out the last page.

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