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Martha Stewart Said Her Tweets about Broken iPad were Part of a Joke

Martha Stewart Said Her Tweets about Broken iPad were Part of a Joke


Martha Stewart Said Her Tweets about Broken iPad were Part of a Joke

Martha StewartMedia magnate Martha Stewart created an online controversy this week when she posted a series of tweets about her broken iPad. The domestic diva started lamenting about her broken iPad through her Twitter account on Wednesday (September 25). That device, she claimed, was given personally by the late Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs as a gift.

On her first tweet, she disclosed that she dropped her tablet, causing cracks in two glass corners. She was asking her over 2.8 million followers about what she should best do to have it fixed. In the same tweet, she was wondering if she should call Apple to pick up the device or if she should take it to an Apple Store.

The day after, her tweets revealed that she was waiting for some personnel from Apple to pick up the shattered iPad. She posted three more tweets about the matter until she disclosed in another tweet that her lamentations supposedly angered the technology firm’s Public Relations. That was when she clarified that she was just cracking a ‘silly joke’ when she asked about repairs and aired her frustrations.

Broken promises

Before the end of the day, she promised her Twitter followers that she would cease talking about it. But she later broke that promise and posted two more tweets about the same problem. On Friday, she posted another tweet again to provide an update regarding her broken iPad and to ask for more durable technologies.

The same morning, she graced a live phone patch interview by TODAY anchors. In that conversation, she clarified that she understands that Apple does not call customers to check on iPad repair requirements. She also reiterated that she has visited Apple stores.

Strained relations with Apple

Later on, she revealed that her staff reminded her that her gestures might jeopardize her company’s business relationship with Apple. Thus, she clarified that she is not having any form of feud with the tablet manufacturer. She also emphasized that she was not trying to get a new iPad for free. But she admitted that she was mad at herself for ruining a device that she could not live without.

As expected, Martha and her tweets drew not just sympathy but also criticisms from detractors. However, Martha asserted that she does not regret about pouring her own frustrations over Twitter, which according to her is her favorite communication mode in the world.

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