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Mark Wright, Danny Dyer Fight At V Festival: What Could Have Happened

Mark Wright, Danny Dyer Fight At V Festival: What Could Have Happened
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Mark Wright, Danny Dyer Fight At V Festival: What Could Have Happened

The Mark Wright, Danny Dyer fight at V Festival caused Dyer to end up with a black eye after he was confronted by Wright’s gang of friends at the backstage. The brawl took place in front of the actor’s sobbing 20-year-old daughter, while Wright was accused of inciting his bunch of friends to beat up Dyer by the hard man’s furious fiancé Joanne Mas.

Inspite of the accusations laid by Mas, sources close to the TV presenter said that he was not involved in the fight and instead tried to stop his friends from harming EastEnders star, who was wearing a phantom of the Opera mask when the incident took place, any further.

“Mark had nothing to do with a physical fight, he thinks it’s just ridiculous,” the source was quoted as saying by the “His mates got involved in a row with Danny and had his back after the recent drama, and a tweet posted by Danny. Mark was quite shocked and went over to find out what was going on.”

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The Mark Wright, Danny Dyer fight started after the duo engaged in foul mouthing one another at the V Festival. The pair was reportedly heard screaming at each other after Justin Bieber’s headline set, leading to the clash, which caused the security forces to intervene.

“Mark called him a c*** and was egging on his bunch of idiot friends all day,” Mas was quoted as saying in an interview by the Sun. “There were five guys against one and Danny still went for them, but the most f**king disgusting thing is it was all in front of my 20-year-old daughter. They’re a bunch of talentless Essex t****.”

An onlooker revealed that that the bunch of Wright’s friends went for Dyer and it was a total carnage. “His daughter watched the whole thing which turned backstage at V into some sort of war zone,” the witness said.

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