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Mark Anderson 2015 Prediction: Apple Pay Succeeds While Samsung In Trouble

Mark Anderson 2015 Prediction: Apple Pay Succeeds While Samsung In Trouble
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Mark Anderson 2015 Prediction: Apple Pay Succeeds While Samsung In Trouble

Apple Pay will succeed in 2015 and Samsung maybe in trouble – this according to Mark Anderson’s prediction of what will fail and thrived for the year. Anderson is the head of Strategic News Service read by industry moguls in the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Tesla’s Elon Musk. He is also the founder and chair of Future in Review.

The Success of Apple Pay and Apple Watch, Samsung in Trouble

Anderson’s insights for years to happen in the tech and business sector are influential to the big-wigs in the industry. He was once described by the Economist as one of the “100 smartest people we know.”

His key insights for 2015 were compiled by Fortune.

In the list, Anderson is predicting that the Apple Pay will succeed and will set the standard in the payment services. Also, wearables will evolve to a more intelligent technology like socks being connected to the internet to monitor blood flow. Apple Watch will have many competitors as there will be plethora of its kind in the market, Anderson said.

Anderson is also predicting that Samsung may soon find itself in trouble, according to the list from Fortune. The trouble arises from the company’s very own business strategy, Anderson said. It is developing and selling products that are merely modified versions of products already invented by Apple, such as the iPhones, Anderson observed.

More 2015 Predictions From Anderson

• The people’s trust in the Bitcoin currency will fade and it will be brought into demise.
• ‘Net Neutrality’ will be embraced by many.
• 3D capable headset will remain a niche. Even with Facebook’s $2 billion investment when it acquired Oculus will not help virtual reality headsets reach the mainstream buyers.
• Amazon will stumble as caused by long-standing argument with Hachette on e-book prices and the failure of the Amazon Fire phones.
• The ‘Internet of Things’ will also remain in the niche market.

Anderson’s Economic Predictions

Fortune also included in its list Anderson’s significant foresight of the economy.

• Oil prices will remain low at $50-$60 per barrel.
• China’s economy will begin crumbling. Australia’s economy will be affected as China remains the country’s chief investor.
• Japan’s economy keeps getting stronger.
• US will be giving the green light on India’s nuclear weapons program.
• Germany is causing tension among the European Union member countries.

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