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Marijuana For Pets To Ease Pain

Marijuana For Pets To Ease Pain
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Marijuana For Pets To Ease Pain

Marijuana, apparently, is not just for humans. It is not marijuana-flavored ice cream, for now, but a treat for your furry friends.

A local cannabis product manufacturer, Auntie Dolores Kitchen, has started selling biscuits, edible capsules and edibles for pets infused with marijuana.

According to a report from ABC News, elderly pets and animals in pain are the main target of these products.

The company’s brand manager, Matthew J. Cote, said in an interview that “(t)he cannabis plant has many compounds in it. Most people breed cannabis for the euphoric experience of THC. But they’ve been overlooking cannabidiol — commonly known as CBD — which is non-psychoactive.”

According to their sub-website for pet edibles, “Our cannabidiol-powered products deliver non-psychoactive and effective natural solutions to pets in California! Unlike our medical cannabis products, which contain THC for the medical community of California, our Treat-ibles Products contain no THC – just non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Since cannabidiol is completely legal as a hemp-derived product, we’re excited to have the opportunity to offer pet owners a chance to help their lovable fuzzy friends.”

Some claim the great effects of the products on their pets.

Testimonial for Auntie Dolores pet edible from their Facebook Page

Testimonial for Auntie Dolores pet edible from their Facebook Page

It is a success story for Auntie Dolores and pet owners who claim that the edibles alleviate the pain of their ailing pets, but this has raised eyebrows of people running the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A Sultan, Washington-based local manufacturer of pet capsules containing dried marijuana recently received a letter from the FDA stating that they have been selling an unapproved animal drug.

FDA clarifies that even in places where medical marijuana is legal, veterinarians do not possess the power to prescribe hemp-based products to pets.

There is lack of research on the effects of hemp products on pets in the U.S., the FDA claims, hence the strict monitoring of cannabis edibles in marijuana-legalized states.

Aunt Dolores has been in operation since 2008, and their website claims they are one of the “most trusted brands in the medical cannabis community in California.”

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