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Mariah Carey Warned Not To Have Birthday Concert in Brussels

Mariah Carey Warned Not To Have Birthday Concert in Brussels
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Mariah Carey Warned Not To Have Birthday Concert in Brussels

Mariah Carey may not be performing in her birthday concert in Brussels. She has been warned by the security personnel not to perform due to the bomb scare prevailing in the region after the recent terror attacks.

Daily Mail reported that security are strongly against her performing in the 8,000-capacity arena on March 27. The date coincides with her birthday.

Mariah Carey is currently in her “The Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour” in UK and Europe. However, her gig in the Belgian capital is a matter of concern for numerous reasons. Security officials assumed that the location can be a target for terrorists during the tour.

Officials also cited a possibility of the airport being closed on Sunday. A ban on air travel can cause certain unavoidable circumstances. All these add up to the idea that she should just drop her concert.

The tragic event in Brussels also raised alert for the team. On Tuesday itself, three bombs were detonated and 34 people died. Around 200 people were injured in the bombing. The police is already on a manhunt, but no proper clues are found until now. The possibility of further attacks is high.

Mariah Carey is currently engaged to a billionaire. This is not the only reason her safety is a matter of concern for many, though.

TMZ has also pointed out that the US embassy must be concerned about the whole scenario. The team is waiting for a suggestion from them, because they naturally do not want to risk the lives of the artist, of the staff, as well as of the concertgoers. For her tour in London, however, everything proceeded as planned.

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