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Rio Olympics 2016: ‘Suicide Squad’ Will Not Be Affected, Margot Robbie Says

Rio Olympics 2016: ‘Suicide Squad’ Will Not Be Affected, Margot Robbie Says
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Rio Olympics 2016: ‘Suicide Squad’ Will Not Be Affected, Margot Robbie Says

The release of “Suicide Squad” was planned out more than a year ago but the Rio Olympics 2016 opening was not foreseen to coincide with its release date. Experts are saying that the mega sports event might affect massively films showing in the weeks that follow.

The movie stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne and many others. It is predicted to be a hit movie despite the Rio Olympics 2016. Both the sports event and the movie will open on Aug 5.

Chatt Sports Net reported that ticket sales might be affected because people will troop to the game venues rather than watch the movie. The Olympics games come only every few years but the movie can be watched on DVDs and downloaded from the Internet.

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According to The Wrap, legend says that ticket sales slump cannot be related to the games. They have studied the trend years back. Their conclusion was that there is no direct relation between the on-going games and the movie showing.

Will “Suicide Squad” money despite the huge competition? The experts even said that it is not wise to blame the games for any flop. It the film is of good quality done by able and competent actors, it is sure to become a blockbuster.

A slight effect might be felt, but it is just a very minimal percentage of losing probability. Producers have studied that trend before. If the Olympics games are threatening, they could have opted for the different release date.

The Margot Robbie movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and is about a secret government agency with Amanda Waller as the leader. It recruits imprisoned super- villains to do dangerous black ops missions for clemency and shielding the world from a powerful threat.

Watch out for “Suicide Squad” and see how it fares with the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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