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Comedian Margaret Cho Lost Talent In Making People Laugh?

Comedian Margaret Cho Lost Talent In Making People Laugh?
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Comedian Margaret Cho Lost Talent In Making People Laugh?

Margaret Cho showed odd behavior during her most recent show, several members of the audience decided not to finish it.

At her performance at the Stress Factory on Saturday, it was observed that the 47-year-old performer was reportedly acting strange to the point of forgetting some of her punch lines. According to an insider whom Page Six interviewed, the former “It’s My Party” star’s behavior during her show was really “unexpected.”

“I don’t know what happened in between shows Saturday night, but she was so out of it that she couldn’t even walk to the stage for the 9:45 show,” the unnamed source claimed.” She needed to be helped [up] by her boyfriend.”

Watching Cho was awkward and difficult. Cho “started her set, and every other word was ‘like’ and ‘umm,’ and it seemed like she was trying to remember her act as she went along,” the insider said.

The insider said it took her 10 minutes to finally get the attention of the audience and make them respond to her jokes. “No one heckled her at first,” the insider revealed. “Then when she started to tell the same story for the third time in 15 minutes (maybe even less), people had enough and started to leave,” the source added. “The setup to the joke she was trying to tell was ‘rape is bad, kill your rapist.'”

Apart from jokes about rape, she also joked about white people and the gay community, causing many to be irritated, as reported by New York Daily News. Astonishingly, when Cho realized some of her audience were leaving, she even mocked them. “You will never get a cent of the money back that you paid,” Cho reportedly said.

Speculations are rampant that the comedienne was high. But Cho herself denied this through her Twitter account, saying “jetlag” was the culprit. She also defended her rape jokes. She posted the tweet in response to Stress Factory CC’s praise of her performance. “Loved you tonight! Fuck everyone else! True fans stayed put, no mater how high you were ;)” the tweet from Stress Factory CC reads.

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