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March Madness – NCAA Tournament 2015 Starts

March Madness – NCAA Tournament 2015 Starts
Image from Flickr by John Champion


March Madness – NCAA Tournament 2015 Starts

NCAA by John Champion

Image from Flickr by John Champion

The NCAA tournament includes the Kentucky Wildcats, which have a 34-0 undefeated record. The team has been seeded No.1.

The Wildcats looks forward to be the first team to have a perfect season since Indiana managed to do the same in 1975-76. The New York Times consider them as the current favorite.

Wisconsin, too, is a No.1 seed, their first in the history of the tournament. They are expected to play with second-seeded Arizona.

The NCAA basketball lineup contains a few surprises when the bracket came out.

Among the lower-seeded teams, No. 11 seed Dayton will be playing against Boise State with a distinct home-court advantage, The Guardian reported. This is an exception to the general rule, which prohibits such, but since the Flyers were the last team in, they must play an opening-round game.

“It falls within our policies and procedures,” said Scott Barnes, selection committee chairman. “It’s obviously a home-court advantage but we didn’t waver from that decision.”

In the East, No. 1 seed went to the Villanova, while Duke attained the position in the south.

The overall top spot, without a doubt, goes to the Wildcats, which have beaten Arkansas 78-63 on Sunday, improving  their impressive 34-0 record. They are six wins away from becoming the first team since 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers to have an unbeaten stint.

Regarding the March Madness 2015 brackets, Barnes said, “We felt they were gaining steam,” further adding, “They did have a good strength-of-schedule, they were playing better against tough competition. An example is the last game against Arizona (a 70-64 loss in the Pac-12 title game). I think the ‘eye test’ was also a plus in putting them in the field.”

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