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Marcel Young: Dr Dre Son With Michel’le Toussaint Facts, Where He Was When Mom Was Abused

Marcel Young: Dr Dre Son With Michel’le Toussaint Facts, Where He Was When Mom Was Abused
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Marcel Young: Dr Dre Son With Michel’le Toussaint Facts, Where He Was When Mom Was Abused

Marcel Young is more than a surviving link between Dr. Dre and Michel’le Toussaint. He might be the only witness to his mother’s abuse by his father.

Marcel Young is the youngest son of NWA legend and creator of Beats music accessories brand, Dr. Dre, and is the only child with Michel’le Toussaint.

Marcel Young was born in 1991 and is currently 25 years old. Not much is known about him, unlike his stepbrothers, Curtis and Andre.

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Curtis, eldest son of Dr. Dre, has decided to follow his father’s footsteps, becoming a rapper with the stage name Hood Surgeon. Andre Young, Dre’s second son, died at age 20 due to drug overdose, reports Morning Ledger.

Both Michel’le and Dr. Dre have consciously kept Marcel out of the limelight for reasons that could potentially land Marcel’s father in prison.

Even though Michel’le was more than a random girlfriend of Dr. Dre and played a crucial role in bringing him fame he is known today, Dr. Dre has never recognized her importance in his life.

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He did not even feel the need to mention her name in the film that followed Dr. Dre’s rise to popularity, “Straight Outta Compton.”

But Michel’le Toussaint is coming out in a tell-all Lifetime movie called “Surviving Compton,” which depicts the history of NWA, Dr. Dre’s band, and her relationship with him from her viewpoint.

And it isn’t pretty.

The film deals extensively on the matter of physical abuse by Dr. Dre on Michel’le, reports New York Post.

“He (Dr. Dre) just came home quite wasted. I was in the bed and the next thing you know … pop and he tossed me around,” says Michel’le in an interview.

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She often has to wear sunglasses to cover her black eyes, added Michel’le. She also has a distinctive scar on the back of the neck, and one on her leg and ribs.

Every allegation of domestic assault has been denied by Dr. Dre and his reps. He has even threatened to sue Sony if they showed controversial content on the upcoming movie “Surviving Compton.”

But Michel’le wasn’t the only one who was a victim of Dr. Dre’s abuse. The very year Marcel Young was born, journalist Dee Barnes was assaulted by Dr. Dre in a Los Angeles nightclub, reported the Washington Post.

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While Dr. Dre’s lawyers claim that the entire abuse story is a figment of Michel’le’s imagination in an attempt to sell her movie, Michel’le begs to differ.

Even though it is not clear if Marcel Young remembers his mother getting beaten up by his father, since he was young at the time, it might definitely be a possibility.

It may also explain why he has not been dragged into the mess that has stirred up between his parents at the moment.

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