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Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley Las Vegas Showdown: Date, Win Predictions, Odds So Far

Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley Las Vegas Showdown: Date, Win Predictions, Odds So Far
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Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley Las Vegas Showdown: Date, Win Predictions, Odds So Far

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will face off one another in Las Vegas on Saturday. This will be the third fight between the two.

Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will step into the ring for the third time, facing off against each other on Saturday in Las Vegas.

While Bradley has split the first two matches with Pacquiao, it is widely believed that Bradley was defeated in both situations. While he was considered a Pacquiao victim since he entered the ring during their first fight in 2012, he won the match on the judges’ scorecards.

As controversial a match as it was, Bloody Elbow notes that the careers of the two men ever since definitely changed. In the second game in 2014, however, Bradley was over aggressive and reckless in several instances, which tilted the game in Pacquiao’s favor on a number of occasions.

According to, Pacquiao has -225 betting odds of triumphing in the fight, while Bradley is a +175 underdog. During their second fight nearly two years ago, Bradley had a similar standing – a +180 underdog – which reflects that there hasn’t been a lot of variation since. In their first match, however, Pacquiao was a favorite with -450 while Bradley was a +325 long shot.

According to International Business Times, Pacquiao has had a streak of 10 straight fights without having to knockout his opponent since he stopped Miguel Cotto for his first welterweight championship in 2009.

Steven Cunningham spoke with Forbes about Bradley, calling him “start” and adding that one doesn’t want to “fight guys like Bradley three or four times. Pacquiao is still a beast. But he knows what he did wrong in that second fight [where Pacquiao got the wide unanimous decision victory]. I think we’ll see a more effective Bradley.”

Juan Manuel Marquez offered advice to Bradley, saying that he “has to move in the ring, stay in the comfort zone and in the combat zone, use side-to-side movement, and not allow Pacquiao to use speed against him.”

Speaking with Boxing Scene, Marquez praised Pacquiao, saying that he “is still in a good moment as a boxer. After that knockout in 2012, he managed to regain his position, and that is something that a lot of fighters — after a knockout of this nature — were not able to do.”

The match against Bradley will be Pacquiao’s first since he lost to Floyd Mayweather last year in a unanimous decision.

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