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Man Raises Enough Money To Send A Soldier 3,000 Cookies

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Man Raises Enough Money To Send A Soldier 3,000 Cookies

One man found himself on a serious cookie mission after he accidentally gets included in a chat group.

Mark Chalifoux is a standup comedian by trade so when he got mistakenly included in a family’s chat group, he thought it was pretty funny. However, the texting went on, long enough for Chalifoux to get to know the family a little bit better.

It all started with one photo.

“A few months back, I was mistakenly included on some family’s group text,” Chalifoux began. He said he got a photo of a “little kid smiling with an old lady.” The photo also came with a message that read “Always loves going to grammy’s!” Seeing this, Chalifoux responded, “Looks like he’s having a blast.” At that point, he thought the family would realize their mistake and remove him from their thread.

However, nothing like that happened. Instead, Chalifoux received a photo of the same kid just a day later. This time, the kid had a toy car in the photo. It was followed up with the message, “Of course I couldn’t resist buying it for him, fast and furious!” Many of the people in the chat group replied. Chalifoux also decided to react to the photo. “I don’t know why I’m part of this, but I’m happy that kid got his car.” Once again, Chalifoux thought they would realize he didn’t belong in the group. However, he soon got a reply that said, “Because you are family!”

And so, Chalifoux found himself still in a group that is not his family. Around two weeks later, he said the got a photo of four soldiers in front of a helicopter. A text message read, “Christian and his unit shipping out for six months.” To this, Chalifoux replied, “Which one is Christian?” He was hoping his question would make it clear that he is not related to the rest of the group. Instead, however, someone just replied, “third from the right.”

“So I finally gave up and embraced it,” Chalifoux explained. To the group, he remarked, “A true patriot.” Everyone then sent positive responses and emojis his way. The group stayed pretty quiet till a month later when someone provided information on how to send Christian a package while on deployment.

Chalifoux is determined to send Christian a lot of Oreos.

This is what inspired Chalifoux to send the soldier he never met something nice. ” Does he even like cookies? There’s simply no way to know. Why 3,000? You’re really asking too many questions,” Chalifoux remarked.

Today, he has set up a GoFundMe page to help me secure enough money to get Christian a lot of cookies. He’s thinking of sending him some Oreos. And since one pack contains only 36 cookies, Chalifoux believes he’ll need about 84 boxes.

Hopefully, Christian really loves cookies.

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