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Man Makes Blankets To Help Others In Honor Of Late Wife

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Man Makes Blankets To Help Others In Honor Of Late Wife

After he lost his wife, one man decided that the best way to honor her memory is to keep doing something she has always loved. That meant continuing to make blankets and giving them away to those who need them the most.

Clayton Shelburne and his wife Delores made blankets together for 10 happy years. Delores was actually the person who introduced him to the craft. She first started sewing for a camping club that would donate them to various organizations. Soon, Clayton decided to join her, even though he didn’t know anything about sewing. “I was never a seamstress. This is a new ballgame because I was always an outside person,” Clayton recalled.

In May 2015, however, Delores passed away. Since then, Clayton decided to continue their work to help honor his wife’s memory while helping people in need. Besides, Clayton is very happy to make blankets anytime. “I’m 88-years-old, I can do this when it’s raining outside and I enjoy doing it. I’m sure if my wife was here she would be happy I’m doing this too,” Clayton remarked.

According to a report from CBS 4, Clayton has already made enough blankets to supply every single patrol car with the Zionsville Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. Clayton was inspired to help out after talking with his son, who is also an officer in Zionsville.

Police say Clayton’s blankets are a big help.

At the same time, police said that Clayton’s blankets go a long way when they are on the job. “We could show up to a crash and the weather could be like it is now where it’s nice and cold and that blanket will come in real handy when you wrap it around somebody in need,” Zionsville Police Department’s Sgt. Adrian Martin explained.

On the other hand, Clayton plans to keep helping his local community by continuing to make blankets. This time, he also wants to donate some blankets to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. ” I’m going to keep doing it as long as I got some money to make blankets and I’m sure there’s a need for it over there.”

At the same time, Clayton said that he plans to give the police department more blankets soon as they run out.

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