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Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Apparent Murder-Suicide

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Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Apparent Murder-Suicide

A man has shot his pregnant wife and another woman before shooting himself dead inside a Woodridge residence.

Police say that Shedrick Pryor, 32, had ended up shooting his wife April Pryor, 24, after having an argument with her on Monday night. According to the Woodridge Police Department, its officers and Lisle-Woodridge Fire District paramedics responded to the residence at 7741 Fox Drive #2A after receiving reports of shots fired in the home.

Upon entry, the police department said it located a man and a woman shot dead in the living room. At the time of the shooting, police say April had been seven months pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive the incident.

Meanwhile, officers also found another woman at the back of the residence. She had also suffered a gunshot wound but it was not fatal. Paramedics immediately transported the third victim to a local trauma center. She is now reportedly in critical condition.

According to the police’s preliminary investigation, April had moved out of the Bellwood Avenue home she shared with husband Shedrick just several days ago following a domestic dispute. Meanwhile, Shedrick arrived in April’s new Fox Drive address late last night.

He had a handgun and reportedly forced his way into the home. After having an argument with his wife, Shedrick reportedly shot his wife and the other woman in the residence. He then proceeded to shoot himself fatally. Meanwhile, police managed to recover a gun from the scene.

Neighbors say there may be two other women inside the residence during the shooting.

According to a report from ABC 7 Chicago, neighbors reportedly said that there are two women who had children that were also living inside the apartment. The said women may have witnessed the entire incident. ” The police pulled them out, so they were in the hallway crying. Police were like, ‘Can they come in?’ They didn’t have any clothes. They were in underwear. So I wrapped them in blankets,” Kandice Gillespie, another neighbor, said.

Meanwhile, Woodridge Police Chief Brian Cunningham also released a statement following the incident saying, “This tragedy is devastating for the two families involved – we hope they remain strong and united during this difficult time.”

The Woodridge Police Department has also said that the incident does not pose any public risk.

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