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Man Killed By Sex Worker Could Be Linked To Deaths Of Other Women

Man Killed By Sex Worker Could Be Linked To Deaths Of Other Women
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Man Killed By Sex Worker Could Be Linked To Deaths Of Other Women

Following the death of an Oregon man at the hands of a West Virginia escort, investigators are looking into a connection between him and other local missing women.

Chillicothe police Public Information Officer Bud Lytle said that no connection between Neal Falls and the area has been established as of yet.

“As it stands right now, we have nothing that ties him to anything here in Chillicothe,” Lytle said.

However, the possibility of Falls having visited the area hasn’t been ruled out. Ross County sheriff’s Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis said that a team will be traveling to Charleston, W.Va., in the “near future.”

“Geographically, the cities are fairly close,” Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives for the Charleston police, said.

“He has not been connected to the Chillicothe cases.”

The woman who killed Falls said that he pulled out his gun and tried to choke her. She got a hold of the gun when he set it down and shot him.

A “kill kit” was discovered in Falls’ car, the police said. This kit included handcuffs, knives, axes, sledgehammer, a bulletproof vest, another gun, shovels and bleach and other cleaning supplies.

According to NBC News, Cooper said that a national alert had been issued “based on the items this man had in his possession, it’s hard to imagine this was only going to be a one-time event for him.”

From 2000 until 2008, during a period when four prostitutes had reportedly gone missing, Falls rented a room in Henderson, Nevada. Dismembered bodies of three women – Jodi Marie Brewer (19), Lindsay Marie Harris (21) and Misty Marie Saens (25) – were discovered along highways.

Jessica Edith Foster (21) is still missing.

The deaths led to the creation of a task force that constituted of Chillicothe police and the Ross County sheriff’s office, the FBI, state investigators and other local law enforcement.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System database, at least 306 women have gone missing in 2014 and this year who are unaccounted for. While it has not been determined how many of the missing women are prostitutes, one-third of repeat killers have killed prostitutes.

“Our hope, as is their families’ (hope), is we find them alive and bring them back to their families,” Lytle said.


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