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Man Gives Notes And Chocolates To Strangers To Make Them Smile

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Man Gives Notes And Chocolates To Strangers To Make Them Smile

One man is trying to brighten everyone’s day by giving them a reason to smile.

21-year-old student Mustafa Hussain is on a mission to make everyone around him happy. It’s his way of touching lives. And the way he does it is through a simple gesture that seems be a delightful surprise for everyone.

According to a report from USA Today, a chocolate bar would sometimes just appear in front of a person. There are times when they do not remember how it got there but then, they read the note and understand why they received it. On top of the chocolate bar is usually a simple card. When they open it, it says, “Smile. You deserve to be happy.”

Hussain sometimes gave away chocolate bars to people passing by.

On the other hand, Hussain doesn’t just leave the chocolate bars on someone’s table. There are times when he would also hand them to people while he is walking around. Regardless of how he gets the chocolate bar to people, the effect is the same. Recipients of the chocolate bar are just thrilled with joy. Some of them would even take selfie of themselves and Hussain’s card. Meanwhile, one man who received the chocolate bar and card even ran after Hussain. He said he was having a bad and that was exactly what he needed.

The reason why Hussain has been spreading a lot of chocolate bars and happiness around is that he wants to put more optimism out in the world. “I feel like now more than ever, in such a polarizing time in our country, it’s important to spread happiness, positivity, and hope.”

Hussain’s video receives more than 60,000 views.

Hussain actually did the project with his good friend Ahmad Atieh. According to a report from, Atieh is also 21 years old. Since posting their video on YouTube, their “Making Strangers Smile” video has already received more than 60,000 views.

In their video, Hussain is encouraging his viewers “to go out and try this yourself.” He said you don’t necessarily have to give people something. Instead, you can give them a compliment or help them out in your own little way. “It can really change their day,” Hussain added.

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