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Man Gets Charged With Murder After Filming Girl’s Hanging

Man Gets Charged With Murder After Filming Girl’s Hanging
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Man Gets Charged With Murder After Filming Girl’s Hanging

An 18-year-old Spanish Fork man is now facing a murder charge after police found a 16-year-old girl hanging dead from a tree in Payson Canyon.

“As they were conducting that part of the investigation, a young man comes up to them and says, ‘I know who this girl is, and I was here when she died,'” Utah County Sheriff’s Department‘s Sergeant Spencer Cannon said in a statement. Police later identified that man as Tyerell Przybcien. He also told the police that he had been friends with the victim.

At approximately 7 AM on Saturday, Sgt. Cannon said police responded to a call a the Maple Lake campground in Payson Canyon. A group of Turkey hunters found a girl hanging dead from a tree. Police later identified the victim as a Spanish Fork high school student. The victim’s mother reportedly called the police around 4 AM on Saturday when her daughter did not come back home after work.

Receipts show suspect bought a rope for the girl.

As police scoured the scene, Sgt. Cannon said they recovered several receipts. This is how they discovered that Przybcien bought several items for the girl relating to her hanging. These included a rope and an aerosol spray can that she could huff on while she was standing on rock with a rope around her neck. According to police, Przybcien had allegedly recorded the girl’s death using a cellphone.

Video recording shows suspect filming victim’s hanging.

While looking into the girl’s death, investigator’s also studied the said video recording. ” As he’s recording her, she passes out. Her weight goes down on the rope and she’s hanging there,” Sgt. Cannon said. “He does nothing to try and talk her out of this, does nothing to physically keep her from doing it.”

Moreover, Przybcien simply confirmed the death before leaving the girl. “In fact, while she’s doing this you can see him go up on the recording and check to verify that she’s dead, and then he leaves the scene,” Sgt. Cannon further explained. Meanwhile, investigators have confirmed that Przybcien had been friends with the victim. However, they would not disclose how they knew.

Police have now booked Przybcien into the Utah County Jail. According to a report from Aol, he is currently being held on a $20,000 cash only bail. Police have also noted that Przybcien seems to have a grim fascination. “He (Przybcien) expressed to them that he had some fascination with death, and he wanted to know what it was like to see someone die,” Sgt. Cannon remarked.

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