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Man Delivers 49 Handmade Crosses From Illinois To Orlando For Pulse Shooting Victims

Man Delivers 49 Handmade Crosses From Illinois To Orlando For Pulse Shooting Victims
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Man Delivers 49 Handmade Crosses From Illinois To Orlando For Pulse Shooting Victims

A lot of people across the country have shown support for the victims of the deadly Orlando shooting.

Greg Zanis made 49 crosses for each victim of the tragic incident that occurred inside the Pulse nightclub. These crosses contain the victims’ names.

“My message today is love your bother, love your neighbor. Don’t judge them,” said Zanis.

As reported by CBS Local, Zanis traveled from Illinois to Orlando, covering a distance of almost 1,200 miles. He placed the crosses outside the Orlando Health Medical Center. He said he built the memorial by placing each cross and setting them down one at a time.

“I started Sunday right after church and I worked until midnight. So that was a short dat. Just building,” he said.

“There’s a lot of controversy nationally about what’s going on here. People are going to change the gun laws,” he said, as reported by NBC News. “You’re not gonna change somebody’s heart until you love your neighbors.”

The memorial was visited by volunteers on Thursday who placed pictures of the victims by the crosses. Zanis said that he intends to hand over the crosses to the families of the victims once it has been signed by people.

One of the visitors to the memorial was in awe of Zanis’ efforts. “It’s a monumental effort to do this,” the visitor said.

In the past, Zanis has visited the sites of several other tragedies. “I went to Newtown put up 26 there,” he said. The tragedy in Orlando was personal to Zanis. His father-in-law was killed 20 years ago.

“We’re made in the image of God and when you see somebody dead like that it just changes,” he said. “It’s like how can somebody do this to these people? How much hate was in this guy’s heart? I understand he went and shot them again.”

Ever since his father-in-law’s death, he said he stopped building houses and started building crosses.

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