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Man Convicted In Revenge Killing Of Sister-In-Law

Man Convicted In Revenge Killing Of Sister-In-Law
Suspect Moises R. Ayala Houston Police Department


Man Convicted In Revenge Killing Of Sister-In-Law

Houston Police have recently charged 25-year-old Moises R. Ayala in the killing of his sister-in-law Zuleaki Hernandez.

According to the Houston Police Department, they had managed to arrest Ayala without incident on Sunday. After being taken into custody, police proceeded to charge Ayala with capital murder in the 209th State District Court.

Police believe that Ayala is behind the heinous killing of 23-year-old Hernandez whose body was found on April 24. Hernandez happens to be Ayala’s sister-in-law. A witness and an anonymous tipster led to Ayala’s arrest. According to a report from Chron, it seems Ayala had killed Hernandez as a retaliation for getting her husband – Ayala’s brother – arrested and jailed.

According to an earlier press release from the Houston Police Department, family members found Hernandez’s body in her home in 6608 Sherwood Drive at approximately 2 AM on April 24. Evidence from the crime scene suggested that there was a struggle. Moreover, there were reportedly several items stolen from Hernandez’s home. These included a generator, a lawnmower, a compressor, tires, nail guns, a laptop and a television.

Police pursued a Ford pickup truck as a lead.

Prior to her death, Hernandez was last seen on April 21 as she drove up to her driveway in a black SUV between 4:30 PM and 5 PM. At that time, witnesses reported seeing a white 1999 Ford F-350 pickup truck that had a Texas license plate. Moreover, the license plate was identified as CYR9360. The vehicle remained parked on the driveway at the south end of the residence. However, the pickup truck left shortly after.

Upon discovery of Hernandez’s body, police also released further details of the pickup truck. According to the department, it has a sign on the tailgate that said “Antonio Ayala Roofing.” Moreover, there was also a damage to the hood and there was a large sticker on the rear window that resembled an El Salvador flag with the number “503” on it. Police had been asking for any information related to this vehicle. Today, police said the pickup truck was found abandoned in the 6400 block of Mesa.

During a probable cause hearing, Hernandez’s husband told police that Ayala knew how to enter the home. Meanwhile, Ayala had indicated that he would need an attorney appointed because he could not afford one.

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