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Man Celebrates Turning 100 By Going Back To Work

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Man Celebrates Turning 100 By Going Back To Work

When Bill Hansen turned 100, the last thing he wanted as to take things easy. Instead, he decided he was going to get back to work.

In fact, returning to work was Hansen’s birthday wish. When his former employer, Hutchinson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, asked him what he wanted for his birthday, Hansen only had one answer. He wanted to get back to work on his birthday.

If you must know, Hansen had already retired from work twice. The first time he retired was when he was 65, according to a report from Inside Edition. That did not last long though because Hansen found retirement quite boring. And so, he set off to get working again.

At age 66, Hansen became a permit coordinator for Hutchinson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling in Cherry Hill. Company CEO Fred Hutchinson couldn’t be happier about Hansen, an old friend, working there. “My father and uncle (who started the company) died in the early 70’s. They were our mentors and it was great to have Bill around to adopt him as new mentor,” Hutchinson explained. Hansen went on to work for Hutchinson until 2014. He retired at the age of 97.

Hansens gets a birthday employment agreement.

And so when Hansen turned 100, Hutchinson decided to make his birthday wish come true. The first thing he had to do was draw up a birthday agreement for Hansen. He was compensated $1 for a day’s work. After he signed the agreement, Hansen was more than happy to get started. “He got up and was like, ‘Well, let’s go to work boys,'” Hutchinson recalled.

On the day of his birthday, Hansen was thrilled to get back on the job. “I enjoyed every minute of it and meeting the young people in the borough halls.” Today, Hansen is focused on keeping himself busy and healthy. He hopes to live long enough to see his grandson graduate from high school.

It’s safe to say that he’ll be keeping busy while making more visits to Hutchinson. “We see him frequently — he passes by and visits us and is on the move,” Hutchinson said.

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