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Man Behind Starbucks Red Cup Controversy Proven Wrong On TV

Man Behind Starbucks Red Cup Controversy Proven Wrong On TV
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Man Behind Starbucks Red Cup Controversy Proven Wrong On TV

The man behind Starbucks Red Cup Controversy was on TV talking about what he thought. He got slammed by Pete Dominick on the show.

A simple red cup from Starbucks has created a lot of controversies on social media. The man, Josh Feuerstein, who pointed out that Starbucks hates Jesus because it removed the Christmas pattern, appeared on TV. Popular radio personality Pete Dominick looked jovial and managed to shut the guy up on the controversy.

Josh was asked why this year’s Starbucks cup is making him so angry. He said it’s not about the cup, but the fact that the company is “trying to remove Christmas from Christmas.” Dominick had a different opinion to present with regards to the anger of the guy. He said that the Starbucks cup controversy is going to be beneficial for the company. People will go more to the coffee shops more to get their hands on the cup. Starbucks is not going to change its policy, and this controversy created by the man will benefit them.

According to Josh, Starbucks is going against Christianity by removing the Christmas logo from the cup, but according to Pete, Christianity is about going to the shop, buying something for people and wishing them a Merry Christmas. It is not about spreading anger.

Starbucks said that the plain red cup is the canvas for people which they can use to celebrate Christmas the way they want to. The company has other Christmas-themed products in store, and going against the red cup does not make sense. According to Josh, it is a gradual process that the company is making to wipe out Christ. He wants to have the right things to sustain the religion.

The Starbucks cup controversy has become political after the video got 15 million views in two days. Many used social media to slam the company with hash tag #MerryChristmasStarbucks. However, many have pointed out it is just a cup and there are more issues to deal with. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has suggested people to boycott the company. The controversy is fetching too much attention to create a rebellion for sure.

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