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Mamorino Watch: First Ever VoLTE Kids Watch With Speech Recognition, Voice Calling, SMS

Mamorino Watch: First Ever VoLTE Kids Watch With Speech Recognition, Voice Calling, SMS
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Mamorino Watch: First Ever VoLTE Kids Watch With Speech Recognition, Voice Calling, SMS

ZTE Mobile Devices has teamed up with Japanese telecommunications firm KDDI to develop the Mamorino Watch. The said device is scheduled for a late March release in Japan. The Mamorino Watch was developed for preschoolers or young school children. It is being touted as the world’s first voice over LTE or VoLTE kid’s watch, reports the Business Wire.

The Mamorino Watch will also be a waterproof and dust-proof device. It has unique, easy-to-operate feature such as touch panel and speech recognition. It is specially designed to help parents confirm the location of their children and therefore establishes a better awareness. The GPS equipped Mamorino Watch can also assist in tracking the child’s daily schedule.

According to ZTE Mobile Devices CEO of EMEA and APAC Jacky Zhang, they are happy to work with KDDI to benefit the children’s communication and safety in Japan while at the same time providing an optimum user experience. Zhang also said that Mamorino Watch will help give parents the much needed peace of mind, while their children are going on about their schedules. This is just one of the ways in which ZTE’s smart lifestyle innovations bring more convenience and security to users.

The Mamorino Watch can be used either as a watch type or a pendant type. It comes with various dial screens and wallpaper choices. The screen of the device can automatically adjust its brightness depending on its surroundings.

There are plenty of ways that the Mamorino Watch could be used. During its announcement, two situations were covered. One of which is during after school hours when children play outside, the device is conveniently wearable that a child will less likely to forget it as they move. This allows the parents to stay connected by voice calling or SMS.

The next scenario is when a child has reached his or her curfew time. Once the time is reached, an alarm notifies the child that they are past their curfew times. The parents can call the child using the Mamorino Watch to give them directions.

Mamorino Watch comes with a 1.4-inch easy touch screen TFT LCD. The user can alternately use voice commands to operate the watch or with speech recognition powered by Nuance’s Dragon Speech.  It is powered by a 410 mAh battery which has an approximate time of 75 minutes charging time. It can last up to 170 minutes during continuous talk time (VoLTE) or about 130 hours on standby time (4G LTE). Mamorino Watch comes in four color variants which are aqua, pink, space blue, and lime green.

Before the latest ZTE product was developed and released, the tech firm has surveyed parents to research, evaluate, and develop the specifications that the Mamorino Watch will have. During this time, ZTE says they made sure to put its users at the heart of the product’s development.

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