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This Mall Only Sells Repaired And Recycled Stuff

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This Mall Only Sells Repaired And Recycled Stuff

A mall in Sweden has decided to turn recycling into a chic shopping experience. In fact, the entire place only sells stuff that have been repaired or “upcycled.”

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria in Eskilstuna, Sweden may look like your average mall. Except that it isn’t. For starters, it is a unique shopping area that comes with its own recycling center. When shoppers come over, they can choose to bring over any item they no longer want or need.

“Our idea is that the customer comes here and leaves, for example, some furniture and clothing that can get tired or have no use for anymore,” ReTuna Återbruksgalleria’s Center Manager Anna Bergström explained. In fact, the mall takes the recycling part of its job very seriously.

When a customer drops off his or her stuff for donation, it immediately gets sorted efficiently. In fact, the items get divided among various workshops in the mall. These include computers, furniture, clothes, toys, audio equipment, building materials, gardening materials and bikes. Here, some of the donated items may undergo repair. Others will be refined or transformed. When the process is complete, the recycled items make their way to the mall’s shops where they get sold to shoppers.

Aside from recycled and newly repaired times, shops at ReTuna Återbruksgalleria sell a number of other items as well. There’s a flower shop that only sells flowers that came from sustainable farming. Meanwhile, there’s a store that sells organic honey, pumpernickel and jam aside from recycled stuff. On the other, there’s a sports store and a bicycle shop.

Shop and join a workshop.

At the same time, ReTuna Återbruksgalleria hosts several workshops that mall-goers may be interested in. These include a course on how to make art and other practical items with stuff for recycling. Participants get to discover the environmental impact of recycling on the global economy.

In case people get hungry, there are a number of healthy dining options at ReTuna Återbruksgalleria. The restaurants and food shops specialize in everything delicious and organic. Get your fill of organic chocolates, chips, sodas and more.

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