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Malia Obama Smoking Pot – Report

Malia Obama Smoking Pot – Report
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Malia Obama Smoking Pot – Report

Malia Obama was seen smoking marijuana in a brief clip that was recently released.

In the clip, Malia could be seen puffing on a cigarette during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. Jerrdin Selwyn said she witnessed President Barack Obama’s daughter taking a drag of what seemed to be marijuana.

“I caught Malia smoke pot and I have the pictures to prove it,” Selwyn said, as reported by Radar. “She was only a few feet away from me and you could smell the marijuana smoke coming from the cigarette she took a hit on.”

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Illinois, the state where Malia took the puff, had recently decriminalized marijuana; as reported by Daily Mail, it means that while smoking marijuana in the state remains illegal, the punishment imposed will be lenient.

“I saw some young guy hand [Malia] a cigarette; she took at least one hit on it,” Selwyn said. “She had it in her hand for about one minute then gave it back to him. She was literally only a few feet from me… and she was the only person who had any form of pipe or cigarette that I could see.”

Selwyn also said that, during this time, the Secret Service was present around them.

Shaun King recently shared the story of his friend Brandon Garner, a full-time barber who is currently serving 10 years in prison, on Facebook.

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“The barbershop was a great place for him to sell it, but that’s not national law – so he’s serving hard time now – costing the state hundreds of thousands of dollars for selling what the President’s daughter smokes a Lollapalooza for fun,” King wrote in his post.

In another post, King writes, “At the point where the President’s daughter is smoking it in front of Secret Service, we’re already there.”

He further calls for the legalization of marijuana. “Legalize it. Tax it,” he wrote. “Let’s find ways to develop successful enterprises off of it.”

He finishes his post by saying, “Stop sending folk to jail and prison off of it. I know that much.”

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