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Malia Obama Skipped DNC for Lollapalooza, Excited To Be A ‘Normal’ Teen?

Malia Obama Skipped DNC for Lollapalooza, Excited To Be A ‘Normal’ Teen?
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Malia Obama Skipped DNC for Lollapalooza, Excited To Be A ‘Normal’ Teen?

The first daughter of the First Family of the United States, Malia Obama, has opted to be at the Lollapalooza party rather than join her parents at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Amid this, a number of fans have aired their differing opinions on the matter – some have supported her, while the others have slammed her on social media.

Was it really a must for the young Obama to be in Philadelphia and be part of the DNC?

“So @realDonaldTrump can act like a teenager every single day, but when Malia Obama does it there’s an issue?” Lian Amaris wrote on Twitter.

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Taylor Winters, meanwhile, posted this, “Yall mad at Malia Obama for being a teenager doing teenage things but ignore a certain 70 year old politician who acts like a teen daily..ok.”

Some other fans defended her by pointing out that she is just trying to enjoy her being a teenager before she goes to Harvard soon, while adding that she is a teenager and not a politician.

In the meantime, another fan noted that for woman who was brought up well, it was indeed good to know that she is also a normal teenager.

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While at the music festival in Grant Park in Chicago, Malia Obama was reportedly spotted in the crowd in time for the performance of Norwegian producer Cashmere, Chicago Tribune reported.

“Was going hard to @CASHMERECAT and then Secret Service and Malia Obama just pull up,” a certain Alex Lao tweeted.

Accordingly, this was already the second time she was spotted in Lollapalooza, the first one was in 2014 when she showed up during the set of Chance the Rapper.

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According to the news outlet, a White House spokesperson has declined to comment on the matter.

What is your take on this issue? Do you think Malia Obama should have decided to be at the DNC?

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