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‘Making A Murderer:’ Wilmer Siebert Offered New Clues About Steven Avery Case – Report

‘Making A Murderer:’ Wilmer Siebert Offered New Clues About Steven Avery Case – Report
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‘Making A Murderer:’ Wilmer Siebert Offered New Clues About Steven Avery Case – Report

The Making a Murderer case is seeing a new and significant development.

A man who lives close to the Avery Salvage Yard has offered clues regarding how the 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach’s car got into the property of Steven Avery.

One of the crucial pieces of evidence against Avery is Halbach’s vehicle that was discovered in the Avery Salvage Yard, where the crime is believed to have taken place.

Wilmer Seibert, in his 70s, is the man who has offered clues as to how Halbach’s Toyota Rav4 was found in the salvage yard. Seibert, who says he is a friend of Averys’, lives towards the southeast of the Avery Auto Salvage. According to Algoma Photo and Story, Seibert said he saw Halbach’s vehicle “days” before it was discovered on the salvage yard by the search party. The car, he said, was accompanied by a white Jeep.

The Rav4 was traveling down the road that leads into the quarry behind the salvage yard. A white Jeep was directly behind the Rav4. While Seibert said that he cannot remember the precise day or time he saw the Rav4, he estimated it was “less than a week” or “a couple days or three days” before being found by the search party.

Describing the white Jeep, Seibert said, “It was a white Jeep, just a smaller Jeep, and it looked liked the paint was peeling off the hood. You could see like an undercoating on the hood. The Jeep was what I saw come back out but I didn’t see the (the Rav4 come out).”

Although vehicles travel down the quarry road, Seibert said the two vehicles in question were being driven faster than usual – they were going at “about 40 miles per hour,” he said. However, he cannot say how many people were in the vehicles.

The quarry road, he said, had been blocked by the police during the investigation. He had been asked by the police to let them know should anyone pass the barricade. However, he witnessed the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department vehicles driving into the salvage yard by crossing the barricades one night. He told his daughter, Victoria, to contact the police; they told her there was nothing to worry about.

The next day, Seibert saw on television that Halbach’s car keys were found on Avery’s property.

As reported by the Rolling Stone, Seibert said he is not looking to draw attention that surrounds the case; but watching the documentary that aired on Netflix in December piqued his curiosity, and he began thinking about the case.

Avery previously spent 18 years in prison on a sexual assault charge before, in 2003, DNA evidence found him innocent. Two years later, in 2005, he was arrested for the murder of Halbach. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, was also taken into custody for acting as his uncle’s accomplice.

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