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‘Making A Murderer’ Update: Netflix Sensationalized Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey Case – Report

‘Making A Murderer’ Update: Netflix Sensationalized Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey Case – Report
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‘Making A Murderer’ Update: Netflix Sensationalized Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey Case – Report

There had been growing concerns regarding the safety of Steven Avery, whose conviction was chronicled in Making a Murderer, inside the prison.

“He seems to relish the notoriety,” Warden Bill Pollard said, according to new emails that have been released. “The only correspondence I received from him was a request to view the docu-drama from Netflix which I denied.”

When he was approached in January, Avery told Waupun prison officials that “most inmates voice support of him and everyone has been very good to him.” The safety concerns were addressed in emails of more than 1,900 pages from officials as part of a January 26 request for records under government transparency laws, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

While the show has received widespread acknowledgement from people from all over the world, the then Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall urged the staff to ensure Avery’s safety inside the prison, as reported by Post Crescent.

“My worry is that someone seeks their own 15 minutes of fame by doing something to him,” Wall wrote in the email.

However, according to Pollard, Avery wasn’t concerned about the potential risk to his safety.

Pollard also expressed his disinclination towards the Netflix series, saying he was not excited to watch the show. He “probably won’t be watching” it, he said.

As reported by Yahoo News, Pollard had also rejected a TV show’s request to interview Avery. He called Teresa Halbach as Jessica Halbach.

“I am not inclined to participate in adding any credibility or inmate perspective on a case that has already been tried,” he wrote in an email on December 30. “Nor do I think we should participate or authorize this which could victimize the family of Jessica Halbach by allow (sic) such an interview. Money has already been coming in from all over for him due to the notoriety and I do not think is (sic) a good idea to make it any bigger deal than it actually is.”

Pollard asked that people not to “sensationalize” the case. “This was a court decision and that conviction is what placed him here, we don’t dictate to the courts how to do their business,” he wrote to the prison staff on January 7.

Pollard, the then warden of the prison where Avery is being kept, was transferred to a maximum security prison. “Operational purposes” were cited for the transfer.

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