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‘Making A Murderer:’ See Newest Pic Of Brendan Dassey Inside Prison

‘Making A Murderer:’ See Newest Pic Of Brendan Dassey Inside Prison
Making a Murderer Facebook


‘Making A Murderer:’ See Newest Pic Of Brendan Dassey Inside Prison

Family members of both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey posted the newest pic of the boy inside prison. It shows a grown up man with a happy smile amidst all life trial.

On May 16, family members of the boy who visited him in prison posted a recent photo of Dassey who was imprisoned at a very tender age. The photo, however, showed him very optimistic at present.

His smile can brighten anyone, especially those who have been following his story through the popular documentary “Making A Murderer.”

Comments below the photo, which was posted on Facebook, showed the strong support from those people who are strongly rallying behind the family.

“When I see these pictures it just makes my day. Seeing all of you smile makes my day! Much love to all of you! I can’t wait till he’s home,” reads one comment. Another goes, “What an inspiration. Love to you all. Stay strong till he’s free.”

Brendan Dassey Facebook

Brendan Dassey Facebook

Dassey was 16 years old the time he confessed to the crime of acting as his uncle’s accomplice in the killing of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach. Dassey was convicted in 2007, two years after the crime was committed.

In the docuseries Making a Murderer, which chronicles the murder trials of the two convicts in Wisconsin, Dassey has been depicted as an intellectually challenged person who asked for his mother’s help regularly in understanding the questions asked by the police.

Dassey, whose videotaped confession came during a four-hour interrogation, was subsequently charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpus and first-degree sexual assault in 2007, as reported by ABC News.

One of the arguments posed by Dassey’s post-conviction lawyers is that the then 16-year-old’s confession was coerced; based on this, his lawyers have filed a federal appeal. Laura Nirider, one of Dassey’s lawyers, has expressed her conviction that her client was manipulated into confessing to the crime.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, the docuseries Making a Murderer showed Dassey’s former attorney Len Kachinsky urging the boy into a confession. stated that the private investigator of Dassey also coached him into confessing to the murder. A meeting between Dassey and the police was also arranged, but his lawyer was absent.

Despite the ineffective legal counsel, Missouri law professor Peter Joy claimed it is unlikely that Dassey will be given a trial. As Joy wrote in his paper, despite the lawyer’s “outrageous conduct,” it is virtually impossible to prove that the standard of legal counsel was ineffective.

Citing the Strickland Standard – which comes from the 1984 Strickland v. Washington case – Joy wrote, “In establishing the Strickland standard, the Court created conditions in which unequal assistance of counsel can thrive with little or no recourse for those adversely affected.”

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