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‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2: Brendan Dassey May Be Given A Second Trial

‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2: Brendan Dassey May Be Given A Second Trial
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‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2: Brendan Dassey May Be Given A Second Trial

Steven Avery’s co-defendant Brendan Dassey could get a second trial in “Making a Murderer” season 2. According to his lawyer, her client is hopeful that he will get a retrial based on new developments regarding his co-defendant.

Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner revealed that there are new evidence that they develop to prove her client is innocent. The new episodes on Netflix will show this new evidence and could possibly prove that Steven Avery was framed, twice.

If the evidence provided by Zellner does prove to be viable, Brendan Dassey could also get a retrial. Presently, Dassey and his uncle Avery are both convicted with the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

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According to People, Dassey’s lawyer, Laura N. Nirider stated that what gives his client hope is the letters he receives from around the world. The letters and his family are what get’s him up nowadays.

Nirider added that they are grateful to Making a Murderer for shedding light on her client’s plight. Since then, the whole world saw what they were going through back in season one.

Now the people believe that Avery and Dassey are innocent. As a result, many organizations have already sprung up and demanded the release of both men.

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Avery’s lawyer is also optimistic that her client will be proven innocent. In her Twitter, she also tweeted that the best is yet to come, hinting that Avery could be one step closer to freedom.

After the announcement regarding the show’s second season, people are already hungry for details. Unfortunately, there is currently no announcement regarding the release date or the number of episodes.

The second installment of the Emmy-nominated series Making a Murderer. The season will focus on both defendants new legal teams as well as the families of the defendants as they try to cope with the new reality post-conviction.

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