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‘Making A Murderer’ Propaganda: Michael Griesbach Accuses Filmmakers Of Distorting Truth

‘Making A Murderer’ Propaganda: Michael Griesbach Accuses Filmmakers Of Distorting Truth
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‘Making A Murderer’ Propaganda: Michael Griesbach Accuses Filmmakers Of Distorting Truth

The prosecutor who helped prove the innocence of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery in 2003 criticized the makers of the docu-series, saying they have manipulated and distorted the truth.

Michael Griesbach, who authored “Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach and ‘Making a Murderer,’” spoke with The Wrap regarding the docu-series, describing it as misleading.

Speaking with Deadline, when asked whether filmmaker Moira Demos felt unsure about Avery’s innocence, she said the “story that we were telling, that we were really following at the time, it didn’t depend on his guilt or innocence, it didn’t depend on the verdict going one way or another.” Instead, she added, “It was really to witness and ask questions and explore.”

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‘Making a Murderer’ Not Objective – Michael Griesbach

In his book, Griesbach says selective editing was done in the show. For instance, the three passages of the dialogue, in comparing the transcript from the trial to the ones in the docu-series, have been omitted by the filmmakers.

“Portions of [Sgt Andrew Colborn’s] actual trial testimony were removed from the documentary to make it appear he answered a question in the affirmative that he never answered at all,” Griesbach wrote.

The testimony of Colborn led many to believe that Teresa Halbach’s Toyota RAV4 was found two days before it was officially discovered on the Avery property.

Griesbach, who was interviewed for the show, said he could tell the TV series “was not going to be an objective account of the story.” He added he had an “inkling” the show was going to be biased.

“I made it clear that I thought Avery was getting a fair trial. It became clear very quickly that [Demos and Ricciardi] didn’t look at it that way.

“By excluding facts that don’t fit their aim and manipulating others, they have distorted the truth beyond recognition,” Griesbach wrote. “‘Making a Murderer’ is part of a troubling trend — the courting of public opinion in support of a cause by the production of a propaganda piece disguised as an objective documentary.”

Making a Murderer: Series ‘Not about Taking Sides’ – Ricciardi

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Menwhile, filmmaker Laura Ricciardo said that the “series was not about taking sides” and that she and Demos endeavored to “cast the widest net we could conceive of.”

“We invited the state prosecutor, we even invited the judges. We invited the jury, anybody, the Halbach family, anyone was welcome to participate as long as they had some direct connection to the story and could speak from firsthand experience,” she said.

“Indefensible” is Griesbach’s second book chronicling the case of Avery. His first book, “The Innocence Killer” was published in 2014, focusing on Avery’s 1985 wrongful conviction and Halbach case.

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