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‘Making A Murderer’ Kathleen Zellner Knows True Killer: Is It Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Charles Avery And Earl Avery?

‘Making A Murderer’ Kathleen Zellner Knows True Killer: Is It Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Charles Avery And Earl Avery?
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‘Making A Murderer’ Kathleen Zellner Knows True Killer: Is It Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Charles Avery And Earl Avery?

While the attorney of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery is due to file a motion for the case on August 29, there are reports emerging that it may be done earlier.

Kathleen Zellner has until Monday to make a filing in the case. While the evidence the lawyer plans to present has not been made clear, she has suggested that there is a new suspect in the 2005 killing of Teresa Halbach.

Making a Murderer: ‘We’ll see what magic [Zellner is] going to do’

Steven and his nephew Brendan Dassey were sentenced to life in prison after being convicted for the crime. Steven had previously spent 18 years in prison on a sexual assault charge before he was exonerated on the basis of DNA evidence. Brendan was convicted for acting as his uncle’s accomplice.

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Earlier this month, a federal judge overturned Brendan’s conviction, saying it was unlawful, Morning News USA previously reported. Whether the state will prosecute him again or not remains to be determined.

As reported by FOX 6, a crowd of supporters and members of the media descended near the Manitowoc County Courthouse on August 25. “We’ll see what kind of magic [Zellner is] going to do. We’re just on pins and needles. We’re not looking too far into the future. Anything can change. This case has been a little weird to begin with, to say the least, but we’re taking one day at a time and we’ll see what happens,” Kim Ducat, Avery’s relative, said.

As reported by Journal Sentinel, Steven’s appellate attorneys filed a courtmotion in 2009, requesting a new trial, following his conviction. Four suspects were identified who could have committed the crime.

Making a Murderer: Potential suspects identified in courtmotion of 2009

Bobby Dassey, Brendan’s brother, testified that Steven jokingly commented about disposing a body three days after the disappearance of Halbach. This story, the court papers say, could have been crafted by Bobby in order to deflect the suspicion from himself.

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Scott Tadych, who was dating Steven’s sister and Brendan’s mother Barb Janda at that time, has been noted in court papers to provide inconsistent statements about where he was. It is also noted that his “violent and volatile personality” could have given him a motive to kill Halbach.

Charles Avery, Steven’s older brother, testified that Steven did not commit the crime. The main person in the Avery family auto-salvage business, court papers said he sexually assaulted his wife and had an “aggressive history” with women visiting the yard.

Earl Avery, Steven’s younger brother, reportedly allowed Halbach’s second cousin, Pamela Sturm, to search the yard following Halbach’s disappearance. Sturm discovered Halbach’s Toyota RAV4 on the property. Earl said he could sympathize with the family of Halbach “because we lost a nephew a year ago.” According to court paper, Earl had been charged with sexual assault.

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