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‘Making A Murderer:’ Free Brendan Dassey Live Video Streaming

‘Making A Murderer:’ Free Brendan Dassey Live Video Streaming
Making A Murderer Facebook


‘Making A Murderer:’ Free Brendan Dassey Live Video Streaming

Megan Prather, the woman who was called “Nancy Drew” as a girl, is engaged in a debate regarding the case of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery .

A rally in support of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey is scheduled for June 11. Those who cannot attend the event can follow the live video streaming set up by a group called Free Brendan Dassey (see details below).

The group was founded by Prather. She will be heading the rally on Saturday outside the Manitowoc County Courthouse. The group is calling for a law that makes the presence of a defense attorney during any custodial police interrogation mandatory. In addition, they are voicing their opinion in support for mandatory videotaped police interviews and for all uniformed police officers to wear body cameras.

A student at the Kishwaukee Community College, Prather conducted a research of her own of the cases’ court transcripts, as reported by the Daily Chronicle. “This isn’t something where I just watched a documentary and decided to jump into it. I did a lot of independent research,” she said. “I did a lot of digging myself. And just because it was on Netflix and everyone else has watched it doesn’t mean that it’s something that isn’t an important issue that needs to be discussed.”

She also writes to Dassey, and has been in touch with him through letters. “I initially started writing to Brendan because his story touched me the most,” she said. “It was very clear and obvious that he was coerced and that he was innocent. I really consider him to be the biggest victim, next to Teresa Halbach. His story captivated me so much I grouped up with another woman who started a [Facebook] page called Free Brendan Dassey.”

Following Saturday’s protest, a fundraiser and a camp out for the supporters of the cause will be conducted.

‘Making A Murderer’ Free Brendan Dassey rally live video streaming can be found here.

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