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‘Making A Murderer’ Brendan Dassey Freedom Uncertain: Teresa Halbach’s Family To Decide On Retrial

‘Making A Murderer’ Brendan Dassey Freedom Uncertain: Teresa Halbach’s Family To Decide On Retrial
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‘Making A Murderer’ Brendan Dassey Freedom Uncertain: Teresa Halbach’s Family To Decide On Retrial

On Monday, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schmiel announced that a decision regarding the 2006 arrest of Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey will be made soon.

The attorney has 80 days to appeal federal Judge William E. Duffin’s decision to overturn the arrest of Dassey, nephew of Steven Avery.

Before a decision is made, Schmiel said his office will be contacting the family of Teresa Halbach. There are three ways a decision can be made: appeal the judge’s decision to overturn the arrest, retry Dassey, or release him from prison, as reported by People.

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Making a Murderer Brendan Dassey: Teresa Halbach’s family will be consulted with

“There are a number of directions this case can go and before we make a determination as to which option we’ll pursue, we are going to want to give Teresa Halbach’s family an opportunity to have some input,” Schmiel said at a press conference, as reported by Yahoo News. “We’ve been in communication with them. We’ll continue to outline all the different options, what the likelihood of best success are for each one.”

Avery and Dassey were convicted for the 2005 killing of 25-year-old photographer Halbach. Dassey was 16 at that time.

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Making a Murderer Brendan Dassey: Uncle believes Brendan could be free man soon

Judge Duffin recently ruled that Dassey’s arrest was unlawful as he had been coerced into a confession during his interrogation with the police, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

“The investigators repeatedly claimed to already know what happened on October 31st and assured Dassey that he had nothing to worry about,” Judge Duffin said. The massively popular Netflix’s Making a Murderer docu-series shows some of these police interviews.

As reported by FOX 6 Now, Dassey’s uncle, Chuck Avery, said he believes his nephew would be a free man soon. One of Dassey’s attorneys said their client’s confession will not be used in the new trial.

The creators of Making a Murderer have announced that a new season of the show will be coming soon. However, the exact date as to when it will begin airing has not been confirmed.

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